DHDawn Harbinson is based in Belfast. Below are some testimonials about her work.

 Group teaching

“Extremely happy with this tutors teaching.” (Feedback from a student in higher education)

“The tutor was very thorough in her approach. New concepts were explained clearly and any questions from the class were met with enthusiasm. Very good feedback from essays. Much appreciated.” (Feedback from a student in higher education)

Delivery of mental health awareness training

“Very friendly, open, unintimidating course…” (Feedback from a student support provider in higher education)

“Dawn handled the timing and keeping on track really well and was good at managing contributions.” (Feedback from a student support provider in higher education)

Conference organisation and presenting

“I was very impressed with the energy and tenacity shown by Dawn, who organised the conference on Suicide Prevention last year on the Crescent Arts Centre, pretty much on her own! She had all the key people there, not only as delegates, but also speakers including the Minister for Health on what would have been a very busy day World Suicide Prevention Day. The event was well organised and promoted and offered very good value for money as well.” S.C. (Attendee).

“Disability in Northern Ireland: Movement Disorders was a really well organised event with a variety of topics and approaches presented. It was very helpful for me as an interpreter to learn about experiences of patients with various disorders as I could relate this to my work with disabled patients. I wish Dawn all the best in her future career and can recommend her as a speaker and event organiser.” K. P. (Attendee).

Any questions? Please feel free to get in contact and ask for more information. Call Dawn on 07512 143313